Song for Europe single OUT NOW!

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Grok: Song for Europe

As mentioned previously on this very blog, last year Grok absconded to the studios for two days where we turned on the recording devices and played whatever came into our heads at the time. This raw creative output has since been mixed, remixed and edited (primarily for brevity, and I must say it cuts like a knife turning a beautiful twelve-minute epic into a three-minute pop-punch) into an album and a single! the album is coming out soon, but the three-track single is out now! You can buy it ( should!) from:




So there's really no reason not to.

Also, if you're in London, join Grok to celebrate at the single release gig on Friday 23rd May at The Spice of Life, 6 Moor St, Soho, W1D 5NA. (unfortunately, I can't make it).

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Yay! Congratulations. Wish I could make it to the launch too.

Bought, downloaded, listened to. Very good. Although I think the second track is better than the title track.

And who... THE FUCK... is Terry?

I have it on good authority that the Terry in question is Terry Wogan.

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